Annyeonghaseyo! (Hello!) I'm South Korea and this is my ask blog!
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mun is a dissapointment


omgg im so sorry guys i haven’t been on much in the past few days.. its been a bit stressful and i have to go to night school tonight ( along with day school that i’m in right now) so please forgive me! /(vnv)\

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yo mun here


okay so i’ve been looking for a graphic tablet to do my art with, but i’m poor as fuck but i don’t want a really small one… i don’t need anything fancy with buttons and stuff, just one that works with a pen and has a respectable amount of sensitivity level. nothing else is really needed.. does anyone know a good tablet that i could get that’s not too pricey but won’t be disappointing?

OFFLINE for now!


thank you to all of the wonderful asks! They were so much fun to answer!

i still have some more, so i’ll try to answer the rest tomorrow! 
Hope you enjoyed them! 

It’s late here though, so goodnight!


<(OuO)\ *salutes* 

ask-misscanako asked: I'm debating what new k-drama to start up, any recommendations?

I call it, “LOVE SICK” 

Anonymous asked: Would you date prussia?

Anonymous asked: Does everything really originate from you?

Anonymous asked: If I truly loved you would you still love back even if I was ugly?

I would never see any ugly in you..
that’s how love works, dear!

Anonymous asked: If you got into a tickle fight with Hong Kong Japan and china, who would win?

Of course I would win! 

so of course the more experienced one would win! 

plus, i know ALL Aniki’s tickle spots~ >u<





It got better.

Yes, it really did.

my question is how 90% of them manage to sound like one person


Anonymous asked: If you were forced to kiss Russia or eat British food what would you do?